Accused Multiple Child Abuser Locked Up By Orange County District Attorney

    This time jailing local child abuser, OC DA Todd Spitzer continues his tough on crime policies in the community.


    A 40-year-old man from Cypress, has been charged with multiple felonies for torturing, sexually assaulting, and abusing numerous children, said the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Douglas Alba is accused of torturing them for nearly a year and faces a maximum of 30 years to life if convicted of all charges.

    “The scars of child abuse go far beyond the physical,” said OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer in an August 9 press release. “The psychological and emotional trauma these children were forced to endure shocks the conscience. Reports of child abuse have plummeted during the pandemic as children have been kept home and away from mandatory reporters at schools and daycare. We as a community have an obligation to protect the innocent and report any and all suspected child abuse to the authorities. We protect our children by speaking up.”

    Spitzer has been tough on crime since taking over as District Attorney, criticizing policies from Sacramento Democrats like the early release of “high-risk” inmates, allowing dangerous inmates to serve as firefighters, and other soft-on-crime policies.

    Spitzer issued public warnings about seven criminals released, arguing that due to their sexually violent criminal history, they posed the biggest threat to the community. Within a week of the warning, one of the criminals was re-arrested for publicly exposing himself and attempting to remove his GPS tracking device.

    Spitzer and Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes are taking every legal channel available to stop Democrats in the State’s Capitol from releasing any more high-risk offenders but are largely powerless to stop the State of California from continuing these policies.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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