Anti-Human Trafficking Program: San Diego DA Stephan Helps Implement

    The program trains tourism industry workers to spot and report criminal activity to protect those vulnerable to trafficking.


    District Attorney Summer Stephan led San Diego law enforcement agencies to begin the Help Stop Human Trafficking Program. The program will train tourism industry workers to spot criminal activity and report it to law enforcement. 

    This initiative was created by the San Diego Harbor Police in partnership with the District Attorney’s Office. It works to protect society’s most vulnerable and ones who cannot protect themselves. 

    “Just in the last few days, a 13-year-old was recovered that was being used in sex trafficking,” Stephan told KPBS. “What the training will provide is eyes and ears that will detect the red flags.”

    Stephan’s website explained the seriousness of the crimes of human trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery. The new program will consist of a digital training series for employees in the tourism industry to spot and identify signs of sexual exploitation and forced labor of men, women, and children. 

    San Diego’s Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking Unit includes specialized prosecutors, investigators, paralegals, and victim advocates. They attack human trafficking through detection, prevention, education, and prosecution.

    With many vulnerable, undocumented migrants coming across America’s borders, DA Stephan’s efforts to protect the fundamental human rights of individuals appear to be guiding the county in the right direction. 


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