Are Parents Paying Enough Attention to California’s School System?

    Incoming curriculum is set to teach students to reject more traditional American values and move toward a progressive worldview.


    The California state school system has been moving toward implementing more progressive tactics in the classroom. 

    Two California teachers were recently placed on administrative leave for teaching their personal opinions, which stray from the set curriculum. One teacher taught that the American flag stands for oppression and racism. The other teacher actively penalized students who did not adopt his affinity for the radical group, Antifa. 

    In response to the incidents, California Policy Center Lance Christensen noted, “Parents send their children off to their neighborhood public schools expecting them to receive an education and learn their civic duties, not be indoctrinated by extremist teachers pushing radical, personal agendas in the classroom.”

    Parents have voiced deep concern for the subjects taught in California schools. They argue young children are exposed to inappropriate sex education, including practices such as “fisting,” “blood play,” masturbation, oral sex, teen fornication, homosexuality, transsexuality, and the idea of unlimited genders. 

    California teachers, curriculum writers, and policy makers have made no attempt to walk-back the progressive teachings. Recently, parents statewide were outraged by the adoption of “ethnic studies” as a mandatory requirement to graduate. Concerns center around the class being critical race theory in disguise. 

    The California school system has been pressed for more accountability, and parents are stepping up to become actively involved in what their children are being taught. 

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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