At Least $1 Million in OC Business At Risk With New Legislation

    Under this legislation, only the Orange County fairgrounds gun shows would be banned, despite failed attempts to implement it in other counties statewide.


    An Orange County state senator has advanced legislation which will exclusively take away at least $1 million in business from OC. Senate Bill 264 was set in motion by state Sen. Dave Min, D-Irvine, with a statewide focus, but was quickly changed to only OC when most counties were unsupportive. 

    The bill would end gun shows at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The legislation forced the hand of the fairgrounds’ Board of Directors to decline pre-approving five gun shows for 2022. The cost: $1 million in business, and an untold number of community jobs. 

    Gun shows are a main source of training on new and enhanced safety measures for firearms best practices. Last year, then candidate Min campaigned on advancing “gun safety,” while this year introducing legislation to restrict the major gun show in OC. 

    SB 264’s language states, “Gun shows bring grave danger to a community.” However, as the Orange County Register reported, Tiffany Cheuvront, an attorney representing Crossroads of the West, said, “No Orange County crimes have been linked to the shows.”

    Gun scholars such as John Lott, a former senior advisor for research and statistics at the U.S. Justice Department, have shown an increase in the number of legal guns reduces crime. That’s because criminals know they will face more well-armed, law-abiding citizens properly trained at gun shows and gun stores.

    Min’s initiative to restrict gun shows in OC has come under criticism from other local leaders. Once concern is less gun access and training for law-abiding Californians, leaving them vulnerable without self protection. Another concern is the overstep of State powers, taking statewide action to block an item that likely would not pass the Costa Mesa city council.

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