Bill by Rep. Michelle Steel Would Protect Innovative Charter Schools


    New federal red tape would be thwarted.

    A new bill by Rep. Michelle Steel, R-Calif., seeks to protect charter schools against government overregulation by restricting new regulations that make it difficult for charter schools to access federal funding.

    Steel’s bill, the Protecting Charter Schools from Federal Overreach Act of 2022, would stop the U.S. Department of Education’s new red tape mandates on charter schools for receiving federal aid.

    The new mandates imposed on charter schools by the federal government include required community impact study on the need for the schools, a “diversity” plan despite charters generally being more diverse than regular schools, and partnering with regular public schools required to get grants and priority in state competitions.

    “The federal government has no business restricting families’ options for their children’s education,” said Steel. “Parents, not teachers’ unions or DC bureaucrats, know what is best for their children, and we cannot allow the Administration to remove school choice as an option for countless families.”
    Begun as a reform in 1992, charters now teach 3 million students nationwide. California, the second state to advance charter reforms, now boasts 630,000 students in 1,300 schools.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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