Black Community Leaders Back OC District Attorney Spitzer

    The Orange County District Attorney has earned the support of two prominent figures in the black community.


    Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer has received public statements of support from two local black community leaders in light of a recent controversy.

    Reverend Mark Whitlock, the former pastor of Christ Our Redeemer AME Church in Irvine, and Bobby McDonald, president of Orange County’s Black Chamber of Commerce, both rallied to Spitzer’s defense in the face of race-based political attacks on the DA.

    Bobby McDonald wrote that “Todd has been a great District Attorney, not only for the black community, but all people of color and Orange County residents in general.” He stated his opposition to the casual use of race “as the go-to political weapon to club your adversaries.”

    Reverend Whitlock said in a statement that “Seldom do I pause to defend prosecutors, or police for that matter, but Todd Spitzer has been a friend for over twenty-five years… Todd Spitzer is not a racist.”

    In addition, Whitlock pointed to Spitzer’s long history of taking action to protect the community, including the prosecution of a white supremacist who nearly murdered a black woman.

    Although Whitlock acknowledged that Spitzer’s comment was “insensitive” he said that “(O)ne improperly made racial remark should not redefine a person’s career.” Whitlock said that he himself, like most people, had made racially biased remarks in the past, and that “My Christianity teaches forgiveness, and not to throw stones to cancel a person’s career and character.”

    Spitzer has apologized for his comment, which he acknowledged was insensitive. He said that “an inartful comment during an hours-long debate in a double murder case is not reflective of my core beliefs or the years I have spent fighting to make our society more equitable and our communities safe for everyone.”

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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