BOUGHT AND PAID FOR: Congressman Harley Rouda Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President

    Rep. Harley Rouda received $4 million dollars in support from Mike Bloomberg in 2018


    This week, freshman House Democrat from Orange County, Harley Rouda (D-Laguna Beach) announced his endorsement of Mike Bloomberg for President.

    Congressman Harley Rouda is the third House Democrat to endorse Bloomberg and the first California Congressman to do so.

    The endorsement comes as no surprise to political observers who have long criticized Harley Rouda for taking positions on issues based on the degree to which he can benefit via campaign contributions.

    In 2018, in a tight race for Congress, Mike Bloomberg dropped $4 million dollars into the race to support Harley Rouda.  Additionally, Rouda was the beneficiary of more than $6 million more dollars in outside political support.


    That same year, Rouda shifted his position every few months on whether to support impeaching the President based on his courting of another billionaire backer Tom Steyer.  Steyer had launched his pro-impeachment PAC and was handing out large campaign contributions to House Democrats that would support his mission to impeach the President.  Rouda for his part, eagerly jumped on the bandwagon early, only to later claim he had not made up his mind.

    ROUDA IN 2018:

    ROUDA IN 2019:

    Official communication from Rep. Harley Rouda’s Office

    ROUDA IN 2020:

    Rouda in 2020 says he decided to impeach President Trump that year.
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