California Dems Change Election Rules for Newsom Recall

    To benefit Gov. Newsom ahead of his upcoming recall, CA Democrats overturn election law.


    To benefit Gov. Gavin Newsom, California Democrat lawmakers passed SB 152, which lets state officials bypass one of the steps required to certify the recall election. Previously, the Department of Finance was required to submit a cost estimate to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee who had 30 days to review the costs. With the passage of SB 152, the Secretary of State’s office can certify the recall before the joint committee has had 30 days to review cost estimates.

    In addition, Newsom sued California Secretary of State Shirley Weber in Sacramento County Superior Court Monday for not fixing a filing mistake he made over a year ago. In the lawsuit, Newsom pleads that Weber’s decision will cause confusion and subdue a law intended to provide voters with additional information. As it stands, candidates seeking to replace Newsom can designate a party next to their name on the ballot, but Newsom will have no party preference next to his. 

    Weber recently notified the Department of Finance that the proponents of the Recall of Gavin Newsom had submitted enough valid signatures to initiate a recall election.

    In March, recall supporters submitted over 1.7 million verified signatures to respective county registrars across the state. Over 200,000 more signatures than the roughly 1.5 million needed to trigger a recall election. However, the California election code offers 30 business days to allow signers of the petition to remove their names.

    Stop the Steal California, a committee organized to oppose the recall of Gavin Newsom led by former State Senator Don Perata, led an effort that raised over $1.7 million to convince voters to remove their signatures from the petition to attempt to stop the recall election from happening. Weber’s office announced last week that only 43 people withdrew their signatures.


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