California Legislature Rebuffs Biden Call to Suspend State Gas Taxes


    Instead, the lawmakers let a higher gas tax go into effect July 2.

    President Biden recently called on the states to suspend their gas taxes to give drivers a relief from inflation, yet in response, California’s Democrat-controlled Legislature has denied multiple opportunities to fulfill the president’s request, despite having the second highest gas tax in the nation.

    Even more concerning for Golden State drivers, the Legislature let go into effect a July 1 gas-tax increase of 2.8 cents a gallon. The levy gouging drivers rose from 51.1 cents to 53.9 cents.

    Due to the taxes and state restrictions and regulations, California’s total cost per gallon now is $6.16, highest in the nation, according to Next highest is Hawaii, at $5.57, which has unique problems because it is an island and an isolated market. California, by contrast, is connected to the rest of the United States, but has laws that require unique fuel blends.

    Biden called on the Democrat-run Congress to suspend the federal gas tax of $18.4 cents for three months. So far it has not done so, even with an election just four months away. Gas prices have more than doubled since Biden became president in January 2021. Although the president is blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin, most of that increase took place before Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

    It’s going to be a long, hot, expensive summer for Californians vacationing across the state. Or just driving to work.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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