Congressman Cisneros Silent When Asked About Anti-Semitism


    A guerilla journalist recently caught up to California Congressman Gil Cisneros of the 39th congressional district and was able to ask him on camera what his thoughts were on the perceived increase in anti-semitic feelings in the liberal wing of the Democrat party.

    Cisneros did not have a great answer and decided to run away instead:

    Democrat representatives Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan have recently been in hot water over tweets and comments they have made that many have felt are anti-semitic.

    On Yahoo’s podcast “Skullduggery” Representative Tlaib had a wide ranging conversation about the Holocaust. Business Insider did a great job of covering both sides of the Republican and Democrat reaction to her interview.

    Business Insider has also been covering the ongoing fight for the narrative in regards to Representative Omar’s comments:

    “Omar supports the movement to boycott Israel and has been critical of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. She has also been vocal in her opposition to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an influential Washington lobby group that nearly always aligns with the Israeli government.

    A host of Omar’s Democratic colleagues have been critical of her comments about Israel.

    Last week, after conservatives attacked Omar for a remark about the perpetrators of 9/11 that they argued trivialized the attack, Trump tweeted out a video juxtaposing footage of Omar with images of the World Trade Center’s twin towers collapsing.”




    SoCal Daily Pulse


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