Congresswoman Young Kim Calls Out Democrat Energy Bill as “Socialism”

    As Gas prices surge to an all time high in California, Congresswoman Young Kim calls out the newest Democrat Energy bill as "Socialism," and people have lots to say on this matter.


    California Congresswoman Young Kim recently expressed major concern about the rising gas prices affecting citizens in California. Kim said that residents are “shocked” by the pain from the increasing costs.

    Kim said, “You talk about gas prices in California over $6 on average but in some parts of my district it’s over $7 a gallon. This is really hurting our average Americans, especially Californians who’ve seen higher taxes all the time more than the national norm…”

    She follows by discussing the fact that the Biden Administration has cut off domestic oil production since taking office. In a recent interview, Kim makes it very clear that “It’s better for our economy, national security, and environment to produce energy right here instead of relying on other countries.” 

    Congresswoman Kim’s proposed solution to this energy crisis is to produce more energy in California. The House Democrats have since blocked this bill six times, and instead, they have implemented a bill to promote what Kim calls “socialist price controls like they did in Venezuela.” 

    Kim’s stance on this democratic energy bill holds firm, and she claims that to see the country flourish, we need to be energy independent and increase production to lower gas prices. 

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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