Congresswoman Young Kim Continues to Stand Against Asian Hate

    Congresswoman Kim was joined by Congresswoman Michelle Steel in stopping anti-Asian hate


    Orange County Congresswoman Young Kim has continued to take a strong stand against anti-Asian-American hatred, after a rash of hate crimes against Asian-Americans has occurred. The House of Representatives recently voted 364-62 to help stop violence towards Asian-Americans, with the bill making it simpler to report hate crimes and protecting Asian-Americans. Congresswoman Kim was a strong proponent of the bill, which will soon become law, and spoke in support of it on the floor of the House of Representatives.

    Both Congresswoman Young Kim and Congresswoman Michelle Steel, who are Asian-American, have taken bold action to protect Asian-Americans from hate crimes, as well as to create equal opportunity for all. They have focused heavily on reaching out to fellow Asian-Americans in Orange County, and are working hard to pass legislation that protects Asian-Americans.

    In the past year, there have been reports of over 6,000 hate crimes against Asian-Americans, and Congresswoman Kim has been at the forefront of protecting Asian-Americans from violence and safeguarding families. Congresswoman Kim recently spoke at the CelebrASIAN business conference, where she gave a speech on protecting and uplifting Asian-Americans in both a community and business capacity.

    Congresswoman Kim is one of the first female Asian-American legislators in American history, and has been a community leader in Orange County for years. Before being elected to the United States House of Representatives, she was a Member of the California State Assembly, and was a strong proponent of the Asian-American community.

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