Democrat’s Congressional Campaign Arm Lashes Out


    With over a year until the November 2020 Election, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is already well underway digging up whatever dirt they can find on Republican congressional candidates in Orange County.

    In an effort to weaken a Peggy Huang, a popular Republican congressional candidate, the DCCC filed public records acts requests in her home city of Yorba Linda. Out of the thousands of pages of documents, all the DCCC could find was that she inadvertently used her city email a handful of times after she had first launched her campaign.

    The DCCC, never missing a chance to dramatize an otherwise inconsequential act put out a statement that said: “Huang unethically used government resources for explicitly political purposes and completely broke the trust of those she serves…” – Andy Orellana, spokesman for the DCCC.

    (The full DCCC statement can be found here.)

    While many residents are completely unaware and likely apathetic, these recent tactics by DCCC portend a vicious campaign season ahead as the Democrat’s hope to defend their majority in once-red Orange County at all costs.

    It’s still unknown whether Democratic congressional candidates will benefit once again from millions in outside money and the high number of harvested ballots that helped them win in 2018, but given these most recent tactics it would appear that anything is on the table.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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