Democrat Congress Candidate Promoted CCP Teaching Materials in Public Schools

    Jay Chen is challenging Republican incumbent Michelle Steele for Congressional Seat


    Jay Chen, a Democrat running for Congress against Republican Michelle Steel, has come under fire for previously attempting to bring CCP teaching materials to the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District.

    Chen pushed to install Confucius Classroom programs in his school district in 2010 when he was a school board member. Confucius Classroom programs are funded by the CCP’s Ministry of Education. It was designed as an effort to implement Chinese culture and language into American public schools. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described the Confucius Institute as “advancing Beijing’s global propaganda and malign influence campaign.”

    As a result of Chen’s push to institute these programs, he was subjected to recall efforts in 2011.

    “The Chinese government is paying the bill, providing the books, and they wanted to supply the teachers. … The culture would be only the grand and glorious nature of the People’s Republic of China – that’s propaganda and it has no place in the classroom,” said former superintendent of the school district John Kramar.

    Chen doubled down on his support for the Confucius Classroom program, saying he did not see an issue with exposing young children to the culture of the CCP. He also claimed that there was a “racist” sentiment in American classrooms towards the CCP.

    “I don’t see anything sinister about using books from China, practically everything we use is made in China,” Chen said.

    Backlash from parents caused the school district to ultimately reverse its 4-1 decision to institute the CCP program.

    Now, as a candidate for Congress, Chen is fundraising off of his time as a school board member. Chen claimed that Steel, by attacking him for promoting the Confucius Classroom program, is engaged in “anti-Asian racism.” Steel is Korean-American.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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