Diane Dixon Calls for Renovating Newport Beach Pier

    The councilwoman says renovations are being considered.


    One of the great glories of Southern California is its piers, such as those in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. Now local officials are working on renewing the Newport Beach pier and its general area. One is Diane Dixon, a member of the Newport Beach city council. 

    Dixon is calling for the renovation of an old restaurant at the end of the pier. Logistical issues were cited as a partial reason for needing renovations. As summer approaches, the pier is popular with tourists and is an iconic part of Newport Beach. 

    “It hasn’t been a restaurant for over 10 years. It’s clearly an eyesore,” said Dixon. “There hasn’t been any maintenance of it. There’s no one occupying it and so… I’ve been on the council eight years and from day one people have said, ‘What are we doing about that restaurant?’ We did try to get some restaurant companies to come in but it has logistical issues. It’s a long way out to the end of the pier.”

    Part of the renovations Dixon called for is immediately next to the pier on the beach; an area referred to as McFadden Square. The site has not been renovated in four decades despite this being one of the most popular areas in the city.

     The pier area of Newport Beach is known locally as an iconic area of the city and an attraction for tourists year-round. Dixon says some of the updates the council is considering could include expanding the boardwalk, addressing parking issues, and possibly a new restaurant halfway down the pier.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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