District Attorney Summer Stephan Protects Education System from Scammers

    Stephan’s work fighting for students' online safety has already made a huge impact, and is working to provide funding for county education systems.


    San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan has been on the forefront for protecting children from a variety of malicious scams that can be harmful to them, and their access to education.

    Recently, Stephan announced that 11 defendants were indicted in a major court case for stealing $220 million in public school funds. Stephan and her team were able to avoid red tape by recovering all of the stolen funds, ensuring the money goes immediately back into the education system to help the youth. 

    $14 million in fines collected by Stephan’s prosecutors will be exclusively dedicated to programs that directly serve the needs of kindergarten through 12th grade students within San Diego County. The District Attorney’s Office under Stephan is also recommending the funds go specifically to support educational equity and acceleration of learning to allow all children to thrive. 

    “Our team’s successful prosecution of this case held the defendants accountable for widespread misappropriation of public funds that extended across the state,” Stephan said. “Now, a great deal of those stolen funds will be funneled back into supporting students. Children are our future and these funds come at a perfect time to help them recover and succeed.”

    Stephan is also an advocate for online safety for children, where she teaches parents how to keep their kids safe as they navigate the potential dangers of the internet. 

    It is vital for children to be aware of online predators and scammers, Stephan notes a recent article on internet safety for children, explaining that parents need to be a watchful eye on kids’ internet access. 

    Some of her tips include not letting children ever meet face to a face with a stranger they met on the internet, not letting children enter private chat rooms, always having access to their social media, and being sensitive to changes in a child’s behavior that could indicate they are being victimized.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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