PLAYING POLITICS: Harley Rouda’s Timeline on Impeachment Does Not Add Up

    Rouda's contradictory statements on impeachment are either dishonest or they prove he is placing politics over people.


    As the impeachment fight looms in the House, democrats in swing districts have taken to the airwaves armed with talking points and hyperbole as they seek to push back on the public perception that democrats in the house have chosen fighting with Trump over doing their jobs.

    One such freshman Democrat, Rep. Harley Rouda (D-Laguna Beach), has had a hard-to-follow position on the issue of impeachment for quite some time.  By hard-to-follow and quite some time, we mean repeated contradictory statements dependent on the audience that date back years.

    Most recently, Rouda appeared on Fox News to lay out why he now supports an impeachment inquiry, stating that he had come to this decision “two or three months ago…“.  Odd that the Ukraine whistleblower only came to light in the last thirty days, but let us continue.

    Wind back the clock to 2018, Rouda faced a tough primary in California’s 48th Congressional District. Running as a Democrat, that had only recently switched parties, he faced nearly constant criticism from his democratic primary opponents.

    In an effort to win over the more liberal Democratic Primary voters, Rouda took to Twitter and made his feelings on impeachment abundantly clear.

    The 25th Amendment that Rouda refers to in his Tweet pertains to the removal of the President from office.

    Rouda went on to win the primary and with it was the beneficiary of very large contributions from impeachment advocate Tom Steyer who is also tagged in the tweet.

    Post primary however, in an effort to now win over more conservative voters, Rouda went back to not supporting impeachment. A move that played a major contributing factor in flipping the conservative district.

    So post 2018 election to the House of Representatives and absent a media asking any pesky questions, Rouda then found himself in impeachment limbo.  Stuck between conflicting statements and a new liberal majority in the House positively obsessed with impeaching President Trump.

    After the first attempt to impeach the President via the Mueller report failed, Congressional Democrats were split between the more liberal faction led by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the more tempered faction led by Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    Finger in the wind, Rep. Harley Rouda’s Washington, DC office sent the following email to voters in his district, checking to see where they stood on the topic.

    Looking back on the statements and the dates they were made, Rouda may find himself in hot water.  Either Rouda was for impeachment in order to win votes from democrats in the Primary only to flip to gain Republican and independent in the general election; or Rouda was for impeachment the entire time but is now making statements that he only just now decided to support impeachment.  If the latter is true, and you believe that Rouda made his decision to support impeachment several months ago based on the Ukraine information, then Rouda would have had to have had that whistleblower information before it had ever come out.

    This is not the first time that the Congressional Democrats timeline on this impeachment issue has failed to add up:

    As things continue not to add up for Congressional Democrats will Rep. Harley Rouda step back from the impeachment crowd once again or will the draw of Tom Steyer’s PAC money prove too enticing for the freshman Democrat facing a tough reelection?


    SoCal Daily Pulse


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