Katrina Foley Continues to Deny Majority of Constituents Reopening Desires

    The Orange County Supervisor, a longtime proponent of pandemic-era restrictions, had stood alone on a number of votes, including supporting vaccine passports and presenting COVID data in meetings.


    Katrina Foley, Supervisor for the 2nd District of Orange County, has made a routine of resisting the majority of the Orange County Board of Supervisors on a variety of COVID-related issues, pushing a narrative of panic and gloom even as more Orange County residents get vaccinated. 

    In June, Foley was the only Supervisor to vote in favor of a proposal that would allow for the development of digital vaccine passports in Orange County. While all the other Supervisors voted against the measure after significant public opposition throughout OC, Foley continued to support it, describing opponents of the vaccine passport system as pandemic deniers and January 6 insurrectionists.

    More recently, Foley was the only Supervisor to support changing Board procedures and recognizing public comments submitted online. The Board has traditionally required public commenters to appear in person, but read email comments aloud at meetings last year after a threat from the ACLU. 

    The practice was discontinued this July, but Foley fought to maintain the procedural step-back based on the claim that commenters may be uncomfortable because “no one is being required to wear masks in the boardroom.”

    Foley has also made a show out of presenting COVID data updates during Board meetings, bringing forth public health officials and querying them about current numbers. This tactic has been criticized by Board of Supervisors Chairman Andrew Do, who said he does not believe that “board comments, in the way it has been abused, is the proper use of time for this meeting.”

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