Multiple Members of Antifa Arrested in San Diego by DA Stephan

    At least 10 Antifa protestors who allegedly tried to assault members of a political rally were charged recently.


    San Diego County prosecutors filed charges against numerous Antifa protestors who allegedly tried to disrupt a pro-Donald Trump rally earlier in 2021. In a news release, District Attorney Summer Stephan said analysis of video evidence “overwhelmingly” shows violence was incited by Antifa affiliates.

    These prosecutors claim the defendants are affiliated with Anti-fascists or Antifa, according to a criminal complaint. This complaint asserts the defendants came together on Jan. 9 to take “direct action” against this “Patriot March,” according to Stephan’s office. The DA’s office says “direct action” is defined as “acts of violence such as assault, battery, assault with deadly weapons, arson, and vandalism.”

    The defendants face charges such as conspiracy to commit riot, assault, and illegal use of tear gas, according to Fox News. The San Diego Tribune reported that they are accused of using pepper spray, small flag poles, sticks, and other items to attack the pro-Trump crowd.

    Local leaders have praised Stephan, who has taken a strong approach to combat crime and prosecuted over 100 cases, including sex trafficking and homicide.

    “She seems to be very concerned about the rule of law and takes her job seriously,” said Bill Wells, mayor of the San Diego-area city of El Cajon. “I always liked her but didn’t appreciate her until I started seeing overt insanity in places like Chicago, LA, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. There was a Soros-backed prosecutor who ran against her in the last election who would’ve been the same as Gascon if Summer had lost.”

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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