OC Board of Education Member Faces Lawsuit Demanding She Resign

    The lawsuit alleges Becky Gomez is holding ‘incompatible offices”.


    Orange County Board of Education member Rebecca “Beckie” Gomez was served with a lawsuit alleging she violated a law by holding “incompatible offices.” Gomez is also a member of the Tustin City Council. The lawsuit demanded that Gomez step down from her position on the OCBE.

    “Government Code section 1099 prohibits public officers from simultaneously holding incompatible offices,” reads the lawsuit. “As discussed herein, the offices of Orange County Board of Education and Tustin City Council are incompatible. When holding two incompatible offices, the officer retains the later-acquired office and forfeits the earlier.”

    Gomez was re-elected to the OC Board of Education in March 2020 before taking office in July that same year. Shortly after, she was elected to the Tustin City Council. Gomez is now running for mayor in Tustin’s first directly elected mayoral race. 

    The lawsuit asks that “this Court order her ousted and removed from that office” and “that this Court fine Defendant Gomez the sum of $5,000.”

    Tim Shaw, another OCBE member, was also served with an “incompatible offices” lawsuit in January 2021. The facts of that lawsuit are nearly identical as Shaw was a member of the La Habra City Council when he was elected to the OCBE. However, Shaw decided to simply resign from the OCBE rather than fight the lawsuit. 

    Gomez had recently voted against approving more schools in Orange County. She was the only member of the OC BOE to vote against additional charters for the school, Orange County Classical Academy. Despite her vote, the board passed OCCA’s request at a 4-1 vote.

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