OC Rep. Michelle Steel’s Solution to Nationwide Supply Crisis

    Steel calls for new policies that will get goods out of the harbor and on land, helping alleviate the supply chain issues.


    Representative Michelle Steel, R-California, is advancing bold new policies to solve America’s supply crisis. Her solutions would help the Southern California ports blocked with shipments. 

    “We have a CRISIS happening at our ports…these supply chain issues are affecting every single American,” said Steel.

    She added that unblocking the ports would reduce pollution spewing out from the idled ships anchored offshore of her Southern California district. The Guardian reported that both the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles create more than 100 tons a day of smog that chokes local communities. They are two of the busiest ports in the nation. 

    In a letter to President Joe Biden, Steel spearheaded the Republican Caucus in outlining essential policy changes to get the goods off the ships, onshore, and on their way to American households. These include:

    1. Alleviating the “clustering” of container ships, which contributed to the Huntington Beach oil spill that recently stained the beaches in Rep. Steel’s district.
    2. Solving the supply crisis before the Democratic Party’s expensive infrastructure proposals are taken up again.
    3. Ending the ongoing spike in energy costs by ending the restrictions in energy production recently imposed. In particular, the halted Keystone XL Pipeline construction should be restarted.
    4. Ending the vaccine mandates that are getting hundreds of thousands of essential workers fired, especially in health, public safety, and the supply chain.

    Because her district is on the front lines of both the oil spill and supply chain crises, Steel is leading the way in advancing solutions. Critical is her call for Biden and other Democrats to end partisanship and work for bipartisan relief for all Americans.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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