OC Sheriff Protects Families in the Face of Police Budget Cuts

    Barnes works with local leaders to improve efficiency despite movements to defund the police.


    Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes is fighting to keep Orange County neighborhoods safe while Sacramento politicians work to defund the police. Despite opposition from special interest groups who wish to cut police budgets and release dangerous criminals back onto the streets, Sheriff Barnes is taking a conservative budgetary approach to continue the high level of service the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has provided for decades.

    This week, the County of Orange provided funds to maintain OCSD’s current operations and critical frontline public safety services. In a year of rising crime across the nation due to policies that undercut police effectiveness and release dangerous criminals into family neighborhoods, Sheriff Barnes has worked with local leaders to keep offenders in jail and protect Orange County’s streets.

    In a press release issued by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Barnes stated, “I appreciate the Board’s action to approve a budget that allows my ongoing initiatives, including enhanced efforts to address threats to school campuses, construction of Orange County Jail modules more conducive to reducing recidivism, a real-time crime analysis center to proactively reduce crime, and a body-worn camera program to continue.”

    Despite a more limited budget, Sheriff Barnes is working with Orange County leaders to restructure the Sheriff’s department and improve efficiency, saving taxpayers millions of dollars without reducing public safety.

    Sheriff Barnes continued, “The budget is not without challenges. The State’s formula for property tax dollar allocation underfunds Orange County significantly. This disparity limits funding for long-term capital improvement projects and our participation in multi-agency law enforcement taskforces. I will continue to work with local leaders to remedy the unequal formula that short changes Orange County taxpayers.”

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