Orange County Democrats Push Critical Race Theory into Orange County Schools

    The curriculum, which teaches students to view each other through a racial lens, is making its way into schools at a faster pace than ever before.


    Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being pushed hard by Orange County Democrats into local schools. 

    The theory, which is based on a Marxist analysis of society, looks to instruct young students ranging from elementary to high school and beyond that America is systemically racist – meaning its laws, institutions, and other aspects of society are intended to benefit white people over people of color. 

    Parents and community leaders have begun to voice their concerns that CRT is inherently racist itself, and deeply offensive and damaging to young students of color. 

    CRT teaches students all aspects of American life should be looked at through the prism of race – among other dividers – instead of individual value and talent. Lessons would categorize students either an oppressor or oppressed, and would center on how they are different from one another, rather than centering on unification as Americans.

    EXAMPLE: Smithsonian’s Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness and White Culture page declares that hard work and rational thinking are white values.

    The curriculum is already well on its way into Orange County schools, though many school boards and other left-wing organizations are disguising it under different names due to how controversial it has been with parents. These names include Ethnic Studies, Cultural Proficiency Lessons, and others.

    The Orange County Democratic Party and local elected Democrat leaders are actively encouraging residents to support this type of curriculum, with a recent campaign telling residents to email the Orange County Board of Education. “Write in to express your support for Ethic Studies programs,” a flyer writes, without mentioning what the lessons will teach students.

    Just last month in May, Anaheim Union High School District board members unanimously voted to make ethnic studies a requirement in order to graduate, despite heavy opposition from parents during board meetings. The district is not the first to adopt this standard though, as Santa Ana Unified School District did the same last year. 

    Currently, both Fullerton Joint Union High School District and Garden Grove Unified High School District are in the midst of also considering adopting the ethnic studies standard to graduate. 

    For now it appears local Democrat leaders are unfazed by the mounting resistance to Critical Race Theory coming from parents and community leaders. 

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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