Orange County Register Hands Pat Bates Endorsement for Supervisor

    This marks the first endorsement from the Orange County Register this election cycle


    The Orange County Register’s Editorial board delivered its first endorsement in the 2022 election cycle. The board backed California State Senator Pat Bates for the position of Orange County Supervisor. 

    “​​Bates certainly has the most impressive resume among all the candidates, having served as state senator since 2014, where she spent two years as Senate Republican Leader,” the OC Register’s board wrote. “She was on the Board of Supervisors from 2007-2014 and spent six years in the California State Assembly.”

    Bates is currently running against current Democratic Supervisor Katrina Foley, Republican businesswoman and former Assemblywoman Diane Harkey and Republican Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon. 

    The OC Register’s board highlighted Bates’ intrinsic characteristics as the primary reason for the endorsement.

    “We’ve closely watched her career and while we’ve sometimes disagreed with her votes, we’ve always been impressed with her thoughtfulness, graciousness and integrity,” the OC Register wrote. “She operates in a low-key manner that puts the nuts-and-bolts of governing above politicking. The board needs her steady, earnest approach after its series of scandals and oversight failures.”

    The register explained it believes Bates will not be controlled by any third parties, which it claims is a concern with the other three candidates.

    “Foley has done yeoman’s work battling board secrecy, but her endorsement list is a who’s who of progressive groups and labor unions. Likewise, Harkey and Muldoon both sound like wholly owned subsidiaries of the deputies’ union. By contrast, we know that voters can trust Bates to be an independent and public-spirited voice who isn’t beholden to anyone.”

     The primary for the position is slated for June 7.

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