Congressman Harley Rouda Supports Beach Closures Everywhere Except His Private Beach

    CBS News reports that while Rouda was calling his opponent's attempts to open the beaches "reckless" he was hitting the sand with his family.


    It is all anyone in coastal 48th Congressional District could talk about last weekend.  Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wildly unpopular decision to close Orange County Beaches was met by loud, bipartisan protests across the region.

    Seemingly every member of local government from County Sheriff Don Barnes, to County Supervisor Michelle Steel, and the entire Newport Beach City Council agreed the closures of the public’s beaches were an infringement on basic constitutional rights and motivated by petty political animus.

    Everyone seemed to agree, everyone that is except Rep. Harley Rouda (D-Emerald Bay).

    To be clear the freshman Congressman is welcome to his opinion, but as the weekend drew to a close, what stuck out like a sore thumb was his rank hypocrisy on the issue.

    In what is becoming a common occurrence, Harley Rouda took to Twitter to attack his political opponent, Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel for her vote to open OC beaches provided social distancing was enforced:

    However, Rep. Harley Rouda’s line-in-the-sand did not last long.

    On May 4th, CBS News published that they were in receipt of pictures of Rep. Harley Rouda enjoying time on the ritzy, semi-private beach of Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach.

    Rouda’s campaign manager, issued a statement that the freshman Congressman and his family were obeying social distancing, but that same rationale somehow didn’t not apply to the coastal residents of Orange County that Rep. Harley Rouda is meant to represent.

    This marks the fourth time in the last 40 days that Rep. Harley Rouda has tried and failed to use the Coronavirus as a means to attack his political opponent.

    First in an attempt to undermine the Trump Administration went so far that the Chinese Communist Government’s propaganda arm used video of his statements to advance a absurd conspiracy theory that American soldiers brought the Coronavirus to China in late 2019.

    The comments were so distasteful and irresponsible that it earned a response from the Pentagon:

    Next, Rep. Rouda attempted to lay the onus on Supervisor Steel to waive or delay Orange County property taxes – something only the Governor and the County Tax Collector can do:

    Then, through some tricky photo editing, Rouda tried and failed to criticize County Supervisor Steel for wearing a protective mask whilst a supply glut existed for essential workers:

    This photoshop tactic omits a crucial truth that these masks were part of a larger donation procured by Steel and the rest of the OC Supervisors to provide masks for the very same workers that Rouda’s tweet invokes.

    Ideally, the Coronavirus will pass, beaches will reopen and we can all get back to normal. Unfortunately for those on the coast, Rep. Rouda’s campaign tactics will likely remain in the gutter that drains to ocean.


    SoCal Daily Pulse


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