Rep. Gil Cisneros Pushing National Version of California’s AB 5

    AB 5, or the "California Job Killer" as it is commonly known, has had disastrous impact on California's self-employed


    Freshman Congressman Gil Cisneros (D-Yorba Linda) is currently supporting a federal version of California disastrous gig economy law known as “AB 5”.  HR 2474 uses California as the model for a nationwide assault on self-employed business owners.

    Meanwhile, back in California where it all began, State Senators Ling Ling Chang and Pat Bates, have co-authored two bills offering expansive work opportunities in an attempt to assist those independent contractors negatively impacted by AB 5.

    California currently leads the nation with nearly 4 million residents out of work and while policy makers like Senators Chang, Bates and others have taken action to help provide relief by boosting job opportunities, AB 5 in tandem with Covid is resulting in a full economic meltdown.

    AB 5 has successfully driven people out of California which is not a surprising response when the government essentially takes away or severely limits one’s work opportunities. It is akin to outlawing someone’s otherwise legal livelihood.

    “With AB 5, independent contractors will continue to be punished. Unfortunately, Sacramento politicians are trying to micromanage the labor market to the detriment of hardworking Californians and their families. Our state’s economy is too diverse and dynamic to impose such a one-size-fits-all policy. Instead of protecting workers, this bill is creating a jobs program for lawyers who will sue self-made business owners.”

    -Senator Chang

    Despite an intense public backlash against AB 5 that has only increased in volume on the heels of Covid, one would think the failed policies of the once Golden State would be seen more as a political liability for a first term Democrat like Gil Cisneros running for reelection in Orange County.

    Cisneros is facing a tough reelect against Young Kim, who beat him in the primary election just this March.

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