Rep. Harley Rouda and OC Dems Cut Ties with Alleged Sex Predator with Long Criminal Rap Sheet

    Rep. Harley Rouda with Former Campaign Staffer Victor Valladares

    It was announced this month that Victor Valladares, a former campaign staffer for freshman Congressman Harley Rouda, has been voted out of the Vice Chair position for the Democratic Party of Orange County. The vote overwhelmingly passed, removing Valladares from his post for “misconduct and neglect”.

    Valladares’ sordid history includes multiple DUI convictions, robbery charges, allegations of rape, child endangerment and refusal to pay child support.  Until recently, and despite his background, Valladares remained as Vice Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party and was even hired by the Rouda campaign to “track” or relentlessly follow and record Rouda’s Republican challenger, County Supervisor Michelle Steel.  Throughout Valladares’ time with the Rouda Campaign and in response to his behavior, Supervisor Steel was forced to file numerous official complaints that Valladares’ behavior crossed both professional and personal lines in his attempt to record and harass her in public.

    In addition to complaints filed by Supervisor Steel, Valladares’ ex-wife has for seven years sought domestic violence restraining orders and has accused Valladares of physically and sexually assaulting her on numerous occasions and of child abuse and neglect.

    Until recently, both the complaints from Supervisor Michelle Steel and Valladares’ ex-wife had fallen on deaf ears, due in large part to the support Valladares received from Democratic Party Chair Ada Briceno and Rouda for Congress campaign manager Alyssa Napuri.

    But with Valladares due in court this month to face domestic violence and child abuse charges and with Democrats under fire for abandoning the #MeToo movement any time a Democrat is accused, it would appear the Democratic Party of Orange County is getting ahead of this potentially negative public relations disaster.

    Local media have been slow to report on a Congressman Rouda’s hiring of Valladares but the story is now coming to light.

    The only question is, why hasn’t Rep. Harley Rouda issued a public apology to his female opponent for hiring a convicted criminal and alleged predator to stalk her?

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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