Rep. Harley Rouda Continues to Politicize Coronavirus

    Today marked the second time in as many weeks that Rep. Rouda was caught attempting to score cheap political points using the virus


    Well that did not take long.

    Coronavirus is becoming the hot-button issue for 2020 and here in Orange County it has manifested itself in a series of overtly political attempts to use the virus as a means to attack a political opponent.

    Today, freshman Congressman, Harley Rouda (D-Laguna Beach), took to Twitter in an attempt to disparage his opponent Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel.

    This comes as little surprise to most political observers who just last month saw a video partisan grandstanding by Rep. Harley Rouda used by the Chinese Communist Government’s propaganda machine to spread conspiracy theories about American soldiers brining the virus to China.

    Rouda’s comments and the use of the video we’re so egregious it prompted the United States Pentagon to condemn the tweet below:

    This latest salvo between Rouda and Steel is no doubt as a result of the razor-thin outcome in the March 2020 Primary Election that saw Rouda only garner 43.5% of the vote.


    SoCal Daily Pulse


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