Rep. Katie Porter is 0 for 67, Strikes Out on Getting Bills Passed and Signed

    During her three years in office, Porter has failed to pass any successful legislation as the primary author and sponsor.


    Southern California Congresswoman Katie Porter has occupied office for three years now. During her time, Porter and her office have failed to act as the primary sponsor for any successful piece of original legislation. 

    Since 2019, when she first entered the House of Representatives, she has introduced 67 bills. Only two have passed the House, and none have passed the Senate. 

    During Porter’s run for office in 2018 and her re-election in 2020, she promised her constituents she would take action and fight for them. During Porter’s time in office, the Democratic Party has controlled both Houses with fellow Californian and Democrat Nancy Pelosi acting as the Speaker of the House.  

    Since last year, Democrats have had control of the executive branch with President Joe Biden. Yet a number of Porter’s sponsored bills have not gained enough support to make it to the President’s desk. Porter has co-sponsored many bills authored by other Representatives which have been successfully passed. 

    Although Porter sits on the Committee on Natural Resources, her support of a bill impacting natural gas prices was not successful either. The Congressional Research Service Summary showed the bill would cause “increases the onshore royalty rates for new oil, gas, and coal leases; increases onshore rental rates for oil and gas leasing.”

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