Rep. Porter Silent on Afghanistan Crisis After Urging Biden to Quickly Withdraw U.S. Troops

    After directly supporting U.S. withdrawal from the country, Porter is silent on the human-rights crisis left in its wake.


    After urging President Biden to withdraw U.S. troops as quickly as possible just last month, U.S. Representative Katie Porter of Orange County, has been noticeably silent on the Afghanistan crisis directly caused by negligent planning. 

    Last month in a joint statement with other progressive colleagues Porter said, “We commend President Biden for fulfilling his commitment to ending the longest war in American history, making it clear that there is no military solution in Afghanistan,”. The statement continued, “It has also distracted the United States from urgent domestic and international challenges, and it is past time to bring our troops home,” 

    Despite the human-rights crisis as a result of an irresponsible withdrawal she supported, Porter has been silent on the issue, not even mentioning the topic on social media.

    “Katie Porter owes her constituents an explanation. Does she agree with Joe Biden’s claim that the disastrous situation in Afghanistan is not a failure?,” National Republican Congressional Committee Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair said in a statement. 

    The sudden removal of U.S. authority from Afghanistan has allowed Taliban forces to completely take over the country in a matter of days, wreaking havoc upon the up to 15,000 American citizens and thousands more Afghans trying to escape the violence. Video evidence from the state shows men and women being beaten and others being shot, especially if Taliban forces discover evidence connecting individuals to former Afghanistan or Western officials. 

    The violence has become so brutal that mothers can be seen in videos handing their newborn babies to U.S. and British troops over walls with razor-wire fences in hopes that they will be put on evacuation flights. Others have been spotted trying to hold on to the sides of jets leaving the country, only to fall to their deaths as the plane takes off.

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