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Rep. Scott Peters Under Fire from Fellow Democrats as Promising Challenger Arises

Peters is being destroyed by his own party after a recent vote, and is sure to face a difficult battle as his challenger shows strong numbers.

Democratic Rep. Scott Peters is feeling pressure from his own party. Recently, Peters joined Republicans on a committee to vote against a portion of President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget. He evened the vote at 29-29 resulting in a failed motion. 

Peters, and the two other Democrats who sided with Republicans, were blasted by their own party members and took much heat. 

“There is no excuse for every Democrat not supporting it,” said Rep. Bernie Sanders. 

As Peters finds his way back to the good graces of the Democrat party, his challenger Richard Bailey, released fundraising numbers that show promise of an uphill battle for Peter’s upcoming election. 

The recent numbers show Bailey significantly out-raising Peters in the first fiscal quarter. According to his team’s press release, Bailey raised almost double the amount of what Peter’s raised. Bailey highlighted that a sizable portion of Peters’ money is stemming from corporate political action committees (PACs). Specifically, Bailey says nearly 75% of Peters’ fundraising is from PACs. 

“We believe our early success confirms voters want a fiscally responsible, socially respectful candidate to represent them and we’re proud to give people a choice between two extremes,” said Bailey in a statement. “Voters deserve a representative that is good on civil rights, religious liberties, and the environment, but is also good on public safety, protecting our nation, and accomplishing all of this in a fiscally responsible manner.”

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