Rep. Steel Protecting California’s Beaches with New Bill

    The funding will backtrack the damage erosion has caused and strengthen future protections for the coastline.


    Congresswoman Michelle Steel is bringing enhanced protections to Orange County’s beautiful beaches from sand erosion with a new bill passed recently. 

    After years of working on the issue, Steel was able to secure a whopping $15.5 million for the Surfside-Sunset and Newport Beach Replenishment Project, which will bring large quantities of sand to a 15 mile stretch of Orange County’s coastline. 

    The matter comes after the beaches have been subject to sand erosion for many years, after a 1940’s federal project widened Anaheim Bay and constructed breakwaters and jetties for new military bases. While helpful at the time, the new construction caused nearby beaches to narrow over time due to sand erosion, which meant that the sand had to be replenished every 5-10 years, which the federal government mostly paid for. 

    Then in 1995, the government abandoned their responsibilities, leaving the Orange County community on the hook for the bill. If not fixed, the erosion can cause major flooding to nearby neighborhoods, which is what happened to a Newport Beach neighborhood in 2020.

    Since 1995, the sand has been replenished a few times, yet it is still around a decade overdue, which is why the funding that Steel secured is so vital.

    Congresswoman Steel has worked to secure funding for Orange County’s beaches in Congress to ensure they do not fall prey to preventable natural disasters. The flooding can become so severe that it can not only damage property, but also become a risk to human safety. 

    “I promised I would get this project done for our community, and I’m proud to deliver for Orange County. Our beaches are our lifeblood and it’s critical that they are protected and preserved for generations to come,” Steel said. 

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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