Rep. Young Kim Fights to Keep America’s Promise to Afghan Refugees, Works with Local Officials on Resettlement

    Tens of thousands of Afghans put themselves in harm’s way to support U.S. troops, now their fates are in the hands of the Taliban.


    Representative Young Kim continues to pressure the White House as America unravels the disaster left behind by the Biden Administration in Afghanistan.

    Rep. Kim, who serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, is working closely with the Orange County Board of Supervisors and their 3-step plan for resettlement of Afghan refugees.

    Since taking office in early 2021, she has played an active congressional role in keeping a watchful eye on the Middle East. Following the murder of an Iranian LGBTQ man in July, Rep. Kim has been one of the members of Congress most determined to hold Iran accountable.

    The proposed plan would relocate Afghan refugees by pushing to increase the cap on refugees to include 100,000 more Afghan refugees in 2021, allocate more resources to expedite the process of immigration applications and establish partnerships with private organizations and nonprofits to support resettlement.

    The world watched as abandoned Afghans desperately chased down American military cargo planes taking off from the Kabul airport.

    “America gave our word to tens of thousands of Afghans who put themselves in harm’s way to support US troops in our mission in Afghanistan,” Rep. Kim tweeted. “Now their fates are in the Taliban’s hands. This is unacceptable. Promises made by the U.S. must be promises kept.”

    President Biden’s botched exit strategy led to the death of American troops and Afghan civilians, and his failure in Afghanistan will likely jeopardize the United States’ position on the world stage.  Adversaries in China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran could look to exploit that weakness.

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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