Republicans Divide on Gun Control Legislation


    11 Republican Senators join with Democrats despite objections from the GOP “base”

    Republicans on Capitol Hill are divided on what to do about the recent spate of gun crimes in America, despite their charge to take over Congress this November.

    An 11th Republican supporter looks to be Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. He said, “If this framework becomes the actual legislation, it’s a step forward,”

    The legislation largely would fund local mental health centers and increase background checks before gun purchases. But Fox News reports, “One of its more controversial provisions would be to close the so-called ‘boyfriend loophole’ to deny firearms to current and former dating partners that are subject to domestic violence restraining orders.”

    Critics say this and other “Red Flag” laws violate the Fifth Amendment right to due process. Red Flag laws were roundly rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 2021 case Caniglia v. Strom. The unanimous 9-0 decision joined the court’s conservative and liberal factions.

    The support of legislation by 11 GOP Senators is riling the pro-gun party “base.” A major critic is Rep. Greg Steube of Florida. During a congressional hearing in which he was connected at home with a video call, he displayed three of his weapons.

    “Here’s a 12-round magazine,” he said. “This magazine would be banned under this current bill. It doesn’t fit. This gun was made for a 20-round, 21-round magazine. This gun would be banned under this bill. Here’s a SIG Sauer 320, it takes a 20-round magazine … here’s a 12-round magazine that would be banned. It doesn’t fit.”

    Some colleagues thought the display inappropriate. But it dramatically demonstrated how some in the Republican leadership are conflicting with the pro-gun voters needed for victory in November.

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