Results of Reader Poll: Newsom Recall Heavily Favored Across Both Moderates and Conservatives

    The Governor has work to do if he is pinning his strategy on branding the Recall a Republican coup


    Our SoCal Daily Pulse reader poll: “Do You Support the Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom?” is on its fourth day running and the results show that both moderate and conservative respondents are overwhelmingly supportive of the recall.

    These results come on the heels of the embattled Governor’s recent PR push aimed at branding the recall effort as merely a Republican coup.

    Of the 255 respondents 62.6% listed themselves as “conservative”, while 30% identified as “moderate”.






    The Recall still has major hurdles to clear with signature verification expected to take weeks, however both sides are gearing up for what is sure to be fight.

    The last time a California Governor was successfully recalled was in 2003 when California voters gave Governor Gray Davis the boot after widespread energy deficiencies across California.  The issue of reliable electricity supply remains a lingering political issue for Newsom compounded by unpopular shutdowns, devastating wildfires and a perception that the wealthy Governor is out of touch.

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