San Diego County Supervisor Urges Newsom To Lower Taxpayer Energy Costs

    Supervisor Jim Desmond called on Governor Newsom to allocate more money to provide relief to California residents.


    San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond called on Gov. Gavin Newsom to allocate part of the state’s budget to help residents manage skyrocketing energy costs. Desmond sent a letter to Newsom, saying he’s receiving 10-15 calls per day about concerns on paying energy bills.

    “My constituents are concerned with their ability to pay for recent increased energy bills, especially seniors who are on fixed incomes,” Desmond wrote. “With already out of control housing costs, gasoline prices, and the cost of goods due to inflation, many San Diegans struggle now more than ever to survive under the weight of these rising costs.” 

    SDG&E officials report that the class average electric rate for residential customers increased by 7.8% in January. San Diego also saw an 8.2% inflation rate. Desmond pointed out that the state has a $45 surplus in its budget, arguing it had the money to spare to help offer some relief.

    Desmond said that energy cost increases have come from rising fuel costs, wildfire response measures, renewable energy infrastructure, and heightened energy assistance programs.

    “Instead of having the ratepayers pay for those programs, let the state pick it up,” Desmond said.

    “The State’s budget surplus comes from taxpayers, many of whom have suffered mightily from a pandemic, losing their job and seeing gas prices rise dramatically,” Desmond wrote. “Let’s give it back to the taxpayers by lowering their energy bills.”

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