San Diego DA Summer Stephans Seeks Reelection After Strong First Term

    After proving herself a strong leader against violent crime during her first elected term, DA Summer Stephan looks to a second term to continue her work.


    San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan announced her candidacy for reelection this week. 

    Stephan has retained strong support from constituents for her tough-on-crime prosecution style since she was first elected in 2018 with over 63 percent of the vote. Prior to her election, she was a deputy district attorney in San Diego for 28 years. 

    In just the last few months, her campaign announced that they have raised about $240,000 from supporters, which will boost her efforts going into the 2022 election. 

    Some of her largest accomplishments as San Diego’s top prosecutor include working to clear the county’s rape kit backlog, creation of the DA’s first Animal Cruelty Division, and helping to support domestic violence victims through the North County Family Justice Center. 

    “As District Attorney, I’m fighting every day to protect our children, seniors and families by holding violent criminals accountable, giving a voice to crime victims, and keeping San Diego one of the safest urban counties in the nation,” Stephan said in a statement announcing her candidacy. 

    “To me, justice means safety, fairness and dignity for every San Diegan in every neighborhood. But increasingly, we’re seeing district attorneys elected in California and the nation, who are funded by deep-pocketed political interests, sidelining victims and failing to uphold the law amid a disturbing rise in violent crime. I’m running for re-election because I’ve spent my life protecting San Diego families, and I won’t let anyone play politics with our community’s safety,” she added.

    She also has been a strong leader in San Diego in the fight against fentanyl, a highly dangerous drug sweeping across Southern California over the last year. 

    SoCal Daily Pulse


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