San Diego Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s COVID Relief Cash for Campaign Support

    Plan would prioritize politically important county employees over struggling San Diego residents


    Newly available money for COVID relief is coming to San Diego, however where it will be spent has become a heated debate in county government.

    Supervisor Nathan Fletcher who is the current Chairman of the County Board of Supervisor is drawing criticism from across the political spectrum for his attempt to give the COVID relief funds to County employees instead of struggling San Diego residents..

    Since the pandemic began, Fletcher’s County employees have not missed a single paycheck, and many have also had the benefit of being able to work their steady job from home.

    Conversely, most San Diego residents are less fortunate and saw their pay cut or lost their jobs entirely due to COVID’s impact on the economy.  Hardest hit in this group are a growing number of homeless veterans, local small businesses and hospitality sector workers.

    The move by Supervisor Fletcher to divert these funds away from those hardest hit in San Diego and instead give the funds to County employees invites the fair criticism that Fletcher is only doing this to curry favor with the politically powerful County employee unions.

    The County employees that would receive this bonus in the form of $40,000,000 in COVID funds make up the membership of extremely powerful and influential county employee unions that are regular and active participants in San Diego county politics with large campaign war chests.

    The vote to decide whether to award the County employees with this windfall is scheduled for April 27, 2021.

    Contact the San Diego County Supervisors:

    Nathan Fletcher

    (619) 531-5544

    Nora Vargas

    (619) 531-5511

    Terra Lawson-Remer

    Phone: (619) 531-5533


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