Sen. Brian Jones Calls for Gas Tax Suspension


    “Gas is too damn high,” says the state senator, who is pushing Sacramento Democrats for policy reform to help Californians.

    California state senator Brian Jones (R – CA 38th District) has called out Democrats in the state legislature for their inaction on tackling California’s astronomically high gas prices.

    Jones recently praised the Biden administration for its three-month suspension of the federal gas tax, while criticizing California leadership for not following their lead, saying, “President Biden gets it, yet the wealthy Democrat Governor Newsom and California Democrat legislative leaders still don’t.”

    In a video posted on his Twitter account on June 23, Jones said that “Gas is too damn high,” and attributed much of the crisis to “Capitol Democrats, who forced through the largest gas tax increase in state history in 2017.”

    Californians currently pay the highest gas prices in the nation, averaging (as of July 1) $6.27 a gallon for regular fuel. This is in part a result of California’s unusually high gas taxes, which amount to approximately 54 cents per gallon, and which automatically increased by three cents at the beginning of July, in order to keep pace with inflation.

    Jones has called out “gas prices that are higher than the federal minimum wage,” and said that the state is “too greedy to stop taxing” Californians, despite relief being within their grasp.

    Democrats have previously blocked efforts by state Republican legislators to suspend gas taxes, Jones said, even 100 days after promising to offer relief to Californians. After a long period of inaction, Newsom finally signed a relief bill that would provide some Californians with rebates, although a tax suspension remains out of the picture.

    Newsom’s rebate proposal has been criticized by other Republicans, including Assemblyman Randy Voepel (R – CA 71st District), who said in an interview with KUSI News that instead of the meaningful tax relief needed by Californians, “they’ll give everyone $200 with strings attached and they’ll use the DMV to do it.”

    “Senate Republicans say enough is enough,” said Jones. “We’re calling for an immediate halt to this increase and the entire state gas tax.”

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