Senator Min Attempting Move OC Board of Education Election

    The proposed bill is said to increase voter turnout though some say it’s being used for partisan purposes.


    A California bill that would move Orange County Board of Education elections from March to November recently passed out of the senate elections committee. 

    Called Senate Bill 286 and written by Senator Dave Min, the bill attempts to increase voter turnout for the OC board of education elections by moving the elections to the same time as national elections, when more people come out to vote. 

    Those against the bill say Min is attempting to change a 50 year tradition over partisan politics, since the majority of the Board of Education is conservative, while Min is very left wing. They say he is introducing the state education codes only for Orange County due to him working closely with the California Teachers Association to weaken the pro-parent and education reform-minded Orange County Board of Education. 

    “This bill is based on a very simple proposition,” Min said. “The Orange County Board of Education is an important governmental institution, and therefore elections for this body should take place during the general election when most voters are actually participating, rather than during lower turnout primary elections, as is the practice today. 

    “Orange County is one of only five counties in California that holds its County Board of Education elections during the primary. SB 286 would bring Orange County in line with the rest of the state and ensure greater voter participation in selecting the trustees for the OC Board of Education. I am grateful to my colleagues for joining me in an effort to boost civic engagement, strengthen local elections, and bring more people into the democratic process.”

    Min said the bill would put Orange County in line with almost all other California county board of education offices who hold their elections in November. In fact, 89 percent of California County Board of Education offices that held an election in 2020 had it in November general election ballot. Only 5 county education offices held theirs during the March primary ballot. 

    According to Min’s office, the difference in turnout could be quite substantial. In 2020, 818,000 voters turned out for the March primary election, while over 1.5 million turned out for the November general election. 

    The bill passed out of the senate elections committee in a 5-2 vote and passed out of the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments on a 4-1 vote. It will next go through the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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