Sheriff Barnes Defends Orange County Citizens Despite Lax Crime Bills

    After Gov. Newsom Signed Three Bills Unleashing Criminals, OC Sheriff Barnes stands up against new progressive soft-on-crime policies.


    Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes is working to keep residents safe after Governor Gavin Newsom signed three soft-on-crime bills. Sheriff Barnes has been an open critic of the bills and is dedicated to keeping criminals from preying on citizens. Previously, Sheriff Barnes has stood up against progressive legislation which released dangerous criminals into the OC community. 

    SB 73 allows a judge to turn loose repeat drug offenders on probation. This bill includes provisions for offenders who make or sell powerful drugs like methamphetamine and fentanyl. The drug fentanyl has led to an epidemic of 30,000 overdose deaths a year across America.

    Although Newsom has signed many gun control bills in California, SB 81 lets the court dismiss sentencing enhancements for criminals committing a felony with a gun. 

    Criminal gangs are now protected with AB 333. The bill limits the charges that can be brought against criminal gangs. In recent decades, Orange County has made substantial progress locking up gang members, thereby protecting citizens. This bill makes protecting communities more difficult.

    These bills signed by Newsom bring progressive policies first introduced in cities like San Francisco to Orange County. After soft-on-crime bills in San Francisco decriminalized low-level theft, nationwide stores like Walgreens have decided to close multiple stores after criminals emptied their shelves without being arrested.

    The political trend to protect criminals enhances the need in communities for officials like Sheriff Barnes, who do not tolerate soft-on-crime policies.


    SoCal Daily Pulse


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