TRUE COLORS? Rep. Katie Porter Sheds Moderate, Bipartisan Label and Calls for Impeachment

    Porter joins Rep. Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez and Senator Elizabeth Warren in quest to impeach the President


    Last night, Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-Irvine) released a dimly-lit, confessional-style video where she states her support for beginning an impeachment investigation against President Trump.

    For most of Rep. Katie Porter’s first term, her fellow Democrats in the house have seemed obsessed and laser focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the President that they hoped would result in obstruction of justice charges against Trump. When the report was ultimately released however, the much-anticipated report failed to recommend charging the President.

    In short order, Democrats rallied around a new tactic, claiming that the report was deficient in some way and that despite its finding further investigations by Congress were warranted. Then came a deluge of House subpoenas to the President, that have gone largely ignored by the President and caused Rep. Katie Porter to now support opening an investigation into removing the President.

    Porter’s video came with a corresponding, pseudo-legal treatise on impeachment and the Mueller report that harkens back to her time as a law professor.

    Next door to Porter in Orange County, another freshman House Democrat, Harley Rouda (D-Emerald Bay) has tip toed with the concept in media appearances but has yet to make his support formal. Rouda did however put out an email poll to his constituents asking their opinion before he commits officially.

    Approximately a quarter of the Democrats serving in the House of Representatives are in favor of opening up impeachment hearings. Porter is unique in that she is only the second representative from a swing-district that has hopped on the impeachment wagon.

    It is no surprise that Democrats like Porter and Rouda are tempted to dip their toes in the water on this issue.  Porter’s mentor and Presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, is openly calling for impeachment and has kept an ongoing feud with the President as they shadow box towards a possible campaign fight in 2020.

    Billionaire and major liberal donor Tom Steyer has been actively campaigning for impeachment spending millions of dollars and making large contributions to congressional democrats that join his impeachment campaign.  Steyer has donated to Rouda before, but perhaps he is waiting to see if Rouda will join his campaign first.


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