PANDEMIC POLITICS: Rep. Harley Rouda Busted for Third Time Misleading the Public on Covid

From misleading or untruthful statements to providing fodder for conspiracy theories, Rep. Harley Rouda's positions on Coronavirus are proving to be the worst of petty politics


The politics of Coronavirus is spreading as fast as the disease itself and is now dominating one local Congressional race in particular.

Freshman Congressman, Harley Rouda (D-Laguna Beach), took to Twitter to launch the latest in a string of failed attempts to smear his opponent, Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel.  This latest assault sought to criticize Steel for wearing a protective mask whilst a supply glut exists for essential workers:

Rep elster download 2017 for free. Rouda’s latest pandemic politicking omits a crucial truth in the picture and that is that these masks were part of a larger donation procured by Steel and the rest of the OC Supervisors to provide masks for the very same workers that Rouda’s tweet invokes how can I prime videos.

This is the not the first or second time that Rep ewe tv app herunterladen. Rouda has tried and failed to use the Coronavirus for political ends.  This latest episode is the third time in as many weeks that Rouda attempts to politicize the pandemic have hit an embarrassing snag free spider solitaire for free.

Last week, Rep. Rouda tried a similar tactic and attempted to lay the onus on Steel to waive or delay Orange County property taxes – something only the Governor and the County Tax Collector can do:

Lastly and perhaps most the most egregious attempt by Rouda took place last month when the Chinese government’s propaganda arm used Rouda’s pandemic politicking to spread the absurd conspiracy theory that American soldiers brought the Coronavirus to China:

The comments were so distasteful and irresponsible that it earned a response from the Pentagon:

This contest will prove to be an aggressive one but it remains to be seen if these sorts of attacks will engender support or if the voters will sour on Rouda’s form of politics.

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