WATCH: OC Rep. Michelle Steel Voices Her Strong Support for Israel

    Rep. Steel's comments further separate her from her predecessor Harley Rouda who had defended anti-Israel colleagues in Congress


    “As I speak, Israel is under attack by the terrorist group Hamas, with thousands of rockets launched at Israel since May 10.

    Israel has a right defend itself.

    The United States would never allow rockets to be launched by our enemies at civilians in Huntington Beach, California, or Washington D.C., and Israel cannot allow rockets to be launched at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

    I was proud to join more than three quarters of my fellow Members of Congress in April to support full funding for security assistance to Israel.

    As we said in that letter, “Congress is committed to maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge and its ability to defend itself, by itself, against persistent threats.”

    Today, it is even more important to stand up and say we stand side by side with our ally.

    I will continue to work to help Israel defend itself from Hamas and other threats, and to cut off the support to Hamas that allows it to kill and injure civilians.”


    Rep. Michelle Steel is a freshman lawmaker who defeated former Rep. Harley Rouda in November 2020.

    In just this latest example, Rep. Steel is seeking to set herself apart from her predecessor in voicing her strong support one of America’s closest allies.

    Conversely, former Representative Harley Rouda had repeatedly undermined Israel via his very public defense of his Democratic colleagues trips to the region funded a by a viciously anti-semitic organization.

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