We Have to Impeach the President to Find Out if We Should Impeach the President


    Congressman Harley Rouda’s bizarre position on whether to impeach President Trump is strikingly similar logic to Nancy Pelosi’s now infamous quote in support of Obamacare

    Flashback 2010: “We [need] to pass the bill in order to find out what [is] in it.” – Nancy Pelosi

    Today: We need to impeach the president to in order to find out whether we needed to impeach the president (paraphrase) – Harley Rouda

    It cannot be denied that Congressional Democrats are laser-focused on opposing President Trump with some calling for impeaching the President regardless of whether there are legitimate grounds to do so.  In a post-Mueller report world, the calls for impeachment have remained constant from the party’s left flank and with billionaire Tom Steyer giving contributions to every democrat that agrees to impeach, more and more cash-strapped democrats are jumping aboard. Regardless of the weakening case for it, in their minds it is good politics in their districts, an opportunity to raise money from the likes of Steyer and a distraction from the Congress’ dismal job approval.

    Congressman Harley Rouda has been actively chasing media recently, appearing on MSNBC as well as in print in Politico and The Atlantic.

    The Atlantic quoted him as demanding either the President gives Democrats access to private information that they wish to use to impeach the President, or else they will impeach the President on the assumption that something that they will find will justify the proceedings.

    From Politico:

    “The public wants us to do our job, which we are, but it also includes continuing our investigation, and the more the Trump administration and the president defies Congress’ constitutional law, the more we’re seeing increasing demand for Congress to take action,” Rep. Harley Rouda a Democrat who flipped a longtime Republican seat in Orange County, Calif., in 2018, told POLITICO.

    Days later, Rouda went further during an interview on MSNBC, saying he thinks Democrats should “draw a line in the sand.”

    “Either honor the subpoenas and the request for documentation by this date, or we will move towards impeachment proceedings,” Rouda said Sunday.”

    From The Atlantic:

    “Some lawmakers may be finding that an impeachment inquiry would more effectively bring their oversight muscle to bear. Representative Harley Rouda, a moderate House Democrat who flipped a longtime Republican seat in Orange County, California, in 2018, told me that he wants to give Trump officials one final chance to fulfill Congress’s requests, but that “if they fail to comply by [a certain] date, then I do think we should start the proceedings.”

    Campaign fundraising reports show that Tom Steyer spent big to get Rep. Harley Rouda elected so these recent statements by Rouda playing footsy with the concept of impeachment make sense as he probably wants to keep that guy happy.


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