Will Democrat Katie Porter Support Biden’s “Toddler Tax”?

    Representative Porter has yet to publicly back the bill, but has suggested government intervention is needed.


    Southern California Democrat Rep. Katie Porter has not commented on a specific issue of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda – affordable childcare. But, the progressive Porter has thrown her support behind the idea of congressional funding for childcare in the past.

    “The goal of the Child Tax Credit is to help kids,” Porter wrote in a Facebook post. Unless Congress takes action, some kids will get less help solely because of their parent’s marital status.”

    Biden’s proposal suggests close to a $3 trillion increase in taxes to start 2022. However, Biden’s plan could end up limiting parents’ options while raising costs.

    In a recent tweet, Porter shared her view on the current child care landscape saying, “Congress needs to make a meaningful, urgent investment in child care.”

    Inside Biden’s proposed legislation is a thing called the “Toddler Tax.” A study suggests that Biden’s Toddler Tax would result in more childcare regulation, which the study claims will increase costs due to the need for more labor per child. In fact, the author, Casey B. Mulligan, asserts prices for some Americans could jump up to 122% due to this plan.

    “For a family with an infant and a four-year old, that would be an additional annual expense of up to $27,000 unless they could qualify for BBB’s subsidies,” the study reads. “In 2022, that would be half of families currently using non parental childcare.”

    Meanwhile, the People’s Policy Project says that the Toddler Tax would increase prices by $13,000 for middle class American families. This plan would ultimately disband the federal policy of letting parents choose their own child care program through vouchers. Additionally, the plan could force parents to withdraw their children from faith-based community centers.

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